DataRobot unleashes the value of your data, without an army of AI wizards

Artificial intelligence is hot. But realizing its enormous potential is often difficult. One of the biggest issues is the availability of data scientists to start and execute the pilots and projects you envision. DataRobot helps you to get rid of this pain, so that you can unleash the value of your data yourself.

Introducing DataRobot

The ability to capture the value of AI in daily practice across the company is the most important element of any enterprise machine learning platform. Click here to visit their website.

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“What DataRobot was able to accomplish in the first hour was more thorough and accurate than models we had built over the prior month.”

Dave Truzinsky - Datarobot TestimonialDave Truzinski, Chief Digital Officer - Crest Financial

“There is such a large gap between the number of children that need caring homes and the number of available families. DataRobot gives us the ability to use the data at our disposal to close that gap, which will build families better.”

JP MontgomeryJP Montgomery, Data Champion - Necco

DataRobot democratizes data science, by making AI accessible to the widest audience possible in your organization.

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