Oldenzaal, – July 4, 2018  

Infotopics announced a new product for her customers: “AppsforTableau”.

Infotopics organizes analytical excellence for business employees. This is a journey enabled by inspiration and education, change processes and intuitive best in class Technologies.

Infotopics AppsforTableau (https://appsfortableau.com/) is enabled by Tableau’s Extensions API, which was unveiled today at the Tableau London 2018 Congress. Developers can now create dashboard extensions that enable customers to integrate and interact with data from other applications directly in Tableau.

AppsforTableau provides employees easy to use extensions on their Tableau dashboards. The first extensions offer dashboard performance measurement, measuring dashboard usage with Google Analytics and access to visualizations types like Sankey Diagrams and Radar Charts that cannot be built (or in a very hard way) in Tableau itself. There is even an extension that enables to play Super Mario in Tableau.

“With AppsforTableau we take a next step to organize analytical excellence for and with our customers.” Ruud Hasselerharm and Kees Timmers state. “It is easy to use Technology that offers access to our extensive knowledge and integrates with leading solutions like Google Analytics.”

About Infotopics

Infotopics is a specialized consulting firm, providing solutions and advisory services to help clients organize analytical excellence as an internal core business competency.

With offices in The Netherlands and Germany, Infotopics has a broad customer portfolio with leading companies and organizations in Retail, Finance, Telecom, Public, Industry and Transportation. For more information, visit https://appsfortableau.com/ and https://infotopics.nl/ or call Kees Timmers on +31(0)541532010.