Powertools for Tableau Server - Turbo charge your Tableau Server

Powertools for Tableau ServerPower Tools: Server provides the most comprehensive look at the health of Tableau Server. You can now sift through all the noise and target exactly what is causing slow load times, extract failures and other critical server issues. 

The success of an analytics practice hinges on great Tableau Server performance, but it can be challenging to wrap your arms around the critical factors that play a part in that. Power Tools: Server pulls these factors together into dashboards that contrast all of the key hardware and software elements.

Powertools for Tableau Server

Using these insights, you’ll be able to give Tableau Server the proper care and maintenance that it needs to thrive in your organization. See what you can achieve with the features listed below:

  • Gain insights for spikes in activity/usage
  • Find out which workbooks consistently have the slowest load times
  • Monitor CPU usage, disk space I/O, network and concurrent users
  • Identify which extracts often take the longest to refresh and which ones are failing to refresh
  • View usage statistics across a historical timeline and see trends
  • Drill down to views and queries that are causing performance issues
  • Set customized email alerts for when problems occur
Powertools for Tableau Server environment overview

Get the most out of your Tableau Desktop and Server with our Powertools for Tableau!

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