Powertools for Tableau Deployment - Get grip on your Governance

Powertools Tableau Deployment

Power Tools: Deployment enables the governance of Tableau Server workbook and data source migrations. Admins and technology groups can finally automate and scale the distribution of workbooks/data sources between development, staging and production environments.

Beyond the standard promotion that takes place between server environments, you can make copies of template workbooks and change out the data source(s) for a bunch of different clients. Power Tools: Deployment makes it that much easier for you!

Powertools for Tableau Deployment

Need to do a large, one-time migration of workbooks and/or data sources instead? You can quickly set that up, as well. Read on to see all the convenient features at your disposal:

  • Reduce the average time of large Tableau workbook/data source deployments from hours to minutes
  • Remove the potential for errors in deployment by automating the steps in the process
  • Easily configure data source changes and permissions
  • Archive deployments and rollback to a prior version if necessary
  • Incorporate quality checks and watermarking into your ongoing process
  • Save documentation for all deployments and quickly audit warnings/errors if necessary
  • Apply customer-specific edits to dashboards through configuring of transformations
Powertools for Tableau Deployment sites and servers

Get the most out of your Tableau Desktop and Server with our Powertools for Tableau!

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