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Webinar Tableau: How We Do Finance Analytics

Webinar Tableau Introductie - gratis kennismaking met Tableau Software verzorgd door Infotopics

Get a look behind the scenes at Tableau. Tableau relies on data and visual analytics to unlock new financial insights and oversee the fiscal health of the entire company.

Join this live webinar with Eugene Hillery and Marcel Bickert, Tableau’s Finance & Operations leaders, to discover how they use Tableau to quickly and easily report financial information, enabling them to better advise the c-suite and board on risks, strategy, and business ventures.

They’ll even share and discuss our favourite financial dashboards including:

  • Purchasing. Dig deeper into your purchasing data
  • Cost Control. See how visual analytics can reduce costs
  • Accounts Receivable. Analyse your data regionally or by account
  • Executive Dashboard. Your groups financial health in one dashboard
  • Financial Planning. Provide previously unknown insights to business leaders

Deze webinar zal volledig in het Engels gegeven worden.

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