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Webinar Alteryx: Mastering your data in higher education

Infotopics is a Alteryx Premier Partner

Every organisation wants to be smarter with their data, and universities are no exception. Many universities and colleges are missing out on the competitive advantage that their data has the potential to deliver, held back by manual, slow and error-prone processes.

Join this webinar to hear from John Tullis of University of Edinburgh, and learn how he uses Alteryx to:

  • Cleanse data and spot errors, inconsistencies or mis-keyed entries before they propagate downstream
  • Automate daily/weekly/monthly data manipulation that was previously done manually in Excel
  • Create accountability within data processes, by clearly documenting and demonstrating steps taken
  • Share workflows with the wider team, resulting in greater transparency and ease of cover in the case of holiday/sick leave
  • Perform advanced data analysis that wouldn’t have been possible using manual techniques e.g.: Excel or SQL

Deze webinar zal in het Engels gegeven worden.

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