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Webinar Alteryx: Bridging the Data Skills Gap

New research from the McKinsey Global Institute predicts a wide performance gap between frontrunners and nonadopters when it comes to adopting AI technologies. McKinsey found that adopters could potentially double their cash flow by 2030, while nonadopters might experience a 20 percent decline in cash flow. It also predicts that job profiles characterized by repetitive activities and low-level digital skills will decline, whilst demand will grow for those that are socially and cognitively driven with strong digital skills.

So how does your company get ahead of that performance gap? With data scientists few and far between – and at a premium – bridging the skills gap between them and your existing data workers should be your business’ most critical, future-proof initiative.

Join and learn how:

  • To bridge the technical capability skill gap to effectively create ‘citizen’ data scientists out of analysts sitting in various lines of business
  • To create a data centric analytics culture and embed this into the fabric of the organisation

Deze webinar zal volledig in het Engels gegeven worden.

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