Infotopics: On top of the world!

Past Alteryx Inspire London three Infotopics consultants have managed to certify at the highest Alteryx level; Expert! This makes no less than three of thirteen Alteryx Experts in the world consultant at Infotopics.

What is the Alteryx Expert certification?

The Alteryx Designer Expert certification is the third and highest degree within the Alteryx Designer certification. The exam goes deeper into concepts that are tested in the previous Core and Advanced examinations and tests the candidate for knowledge of all possibilities within Alteryx Designer. Whether predictive, in-database, macro, applications, web scraping or other possibilities; the extensive exam requires the utmost of the best Alteryx users.

3 out of 13

How important is this certification? Those who pass the Alteryx Epert exam are seen as the elite users of Alteryx Designer. Not surprising that after the first exam in Anaheim in early 2018, only one candidate passed this certification. In London there were more candidates successful and twelve people gained the status of Alteryx Expert, including three Infotopics consultants! This brings the total number of Alteryx Experts worldwide to thirteen and makes Infotopics one of the companies with the most expert-qualified Alteryx consultants in the world.

Alteryx Partner

And there was more success for Infotopics during the Alteryx Inspire. After receiving the title of West European partner of the year 2016, Benelux Partner of the Year 2017 and Preferred partner 2018, Infotopics can now also call itself Alteryx Benelux Partner of the Year 2018!

So what does this mean for you?

We are happy to help you get started quickly with Alteryx and our officially certified Alteryx consultants can’t wait to make you a data hero in no time. You are not only supported in building, but we also help you to get value from your data yourself! With our market and product knowledge, we develop solutions to make working with Alteryx even more efficient and user-friendly.

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