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Sees a year-over-year increase in the use of AI

Reports a revenue increase of > 10% in supply-chain management

Reports back that AI
reduced costs

Of retail companies have embedded one AI capability

“Boost your results in customer satisfaction and supply chain performance through AI”

Today’s retail consumers decide whether or not they will return to your concept by their latest experience with you. This means you have to perform each and every time. How do you manage this?
A retail chain decided to manage expectations better through their new app that not only shows shorter time slots for delivery and real time updates on the location of the driver, but also follows up on each order to check in on your satisfaction.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), organizations around the world are currently improving customer experience, building a more transparent and predictable supply chain and boosting their results.

Infotopics AI will quickly help you implement Artificial Intelligence in your companies activities so that you too can boost your results.
Not in the future, but starting today.

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Identify opportunities and impact for your organization and learn more about Artificial Intelligence with Infotopics AI

  • Interactive session to experience the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence

  • Experience the impact of AI on the challenge of your organization

  • Practical employment of use cases for your organization

  • Share experiences and best practices in peer-to-peer executive workshop

  • Receive a copy of our AI e-book and AI Success Canvas to get started right away

The following executive session planned:

  • 8th of September
  • 6th of October

Practical information:
The executive sessions will take place in the region of Utrecht with a maximum of 10 participants. *
We’ll introduce the use of AI in retail. There will be plenty of time to share experiences with peers and elaborate on your own use cases.
Next to the executive session, you will receive a complete e-book to start implementing AI in your organization
Price: € 495,00
Time: From 10.30 till 16.00

* We take full account of the Covid-19 precautions. If the Covid-19 precautions don’t allow us to organize a live executive session, the session will be held online. we’ll keep you up to date on the latest information in regards to the session.

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Team meeting AI

“Are you able to scale your results through AI?”

Even though most companies see measurable benefits from AI once they start implementing it in their activities, most struggle with scaling it’s impact on the organizations results.
Being able to leverage on the AI investments requires the right balance between organizational change, improved processes and the use of technology.

We developed the AI inspiration workshop to help you start your AI implementation the right way and get on the trajectory to scalable results. During this workshop you and your colleagues will experience what AI is, the opportunities in several industries and how you can boost your AI investments by asking the right questions.

AI medewerkers

“Is your technology architecture ready for an AI boost?”

The right AI technology focusses on the business user and her specific demands. That is why People is one of the three pillars of a successful AI implementation (the others being Process and Technology).

As you implement AI in your organization you will have to rely best of class technology as well as assure technological compatibility with your current architecture. Infotopics has over 15 years of experience extracting value from data. Our teams have worked with many different architectures and built the experience that allows us to help you set up your AI implementation successfully.

Are you ready for the first step?

Identify opportunities and impact for your organization with Infotopics AI

  • Interactive session to experience the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence
  • Experience the impact of AI on the challenge of your organization
  • Practical employment of use cases for your organization
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Upcoming sessions:

  • 8th of September
  • 6th of October

Price: € 495,00
Location: Region of Utrecht

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